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American War of Independence 1775-83 - volume 7

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A collection of 100 titles dealing with the American War of Independence in all its aspects
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The books are;

1.     Sally Wister's journal, being a Quaker maiden's account of her experiences with officers of the Continental army, 1777-1778

2.     Saratoga, the battle-- battleground-- visitors' guide, with maps

3.     Selections from the correspondence of the executive of New Jersey, from 1776 to 1786

4.     Seth Read Lt-colonel Continental Army

5.     Seventeen hundred and seventy-six; or, The war of independence

6.     Siege and evacuation of Boston and Charlestown

7.     Siege of Charleston

8.     Siege of the Fort of St. Johns in 1775

9.     Signals and instructions, 1776-1794 (Naval)

10. Silas Deane, A Connecticut leader in the American Revolution

11. Simcoe's Military Journal - The Queens Rangers

12. Simsbury's part in the war of the American revolution

13. Sir Archibald Campbell of Inverneill

14. Sir Frederick Haldimand

15. Sketch of life and services of Major Isaac Craig - Proctor's regt. of artillery

16. Sketch of the life and character of John Lacey - a brigadier general in the Revolutionary Army

17. Sketches of border adventures in the life and times of Major Moses Van Campen

18. Soldaten handel nach Amerika

19. Soldiers and sailors of France in the American war of independence

20. Soldiers of Oakham Massachusetts

21. Soldiers of the American Revolution, of Lebanon, Maine

22. Some account of the capture of the ship Aurora

23. Some account of the life and services of William Blount, an officer of the Revolutionary Army

24. Some British soldiers in America

25. Songs and ballads of the American revolution

26. Stephen Moylan Muster master General and ADC to Washington

27. Stony Point battlefield

28. Stories about General Warren

29. Strictures on Lt.-Col. Tarleton's History of the campaigns of 1780 and 178l, in the southern provinces of North America

30. Stryker's Officers and men of New Jersey in the revolutionary war

31. Tales of the revolution

32. The administration of the American revolutionary army

33. The Adventures Of A Revolutionary Soldier

34. The adventures of John Nutting Loyalist

35. The affair at Egg Harbor, New Jersey, October 15, 1778

36. The American Loyalists

37. The American military pocket atlas – 1776

38. The American revolution vol.1

39. The American revolution vol.2

40. The American revolution vol.3

41. The American revolution vol.4

42. The American revolution vol.5 - George the third and Charles Fox   part 1

43. The American revolution vol.5 - George the third and Charles Fox   part 2

44. The American Revolution, 1763–1783

45. The Army correspondence of Colonel John Laurens in the years 1777-8

46. The assault of Brigadier-General Richard Montgomery and Colonel Benedict Arnold on Quebec in 1775

47. The assault on Stony Point by General Anthony Wayne, July 16, 1779

48. The battle field of Guilford Court House

49. The battle of April 19, 1775, in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville and Charlestown, Massachusetts

50. The battle of Brandywine

51. The battle of Elizabethtown

52. The Battle of Groton Heights Sept.1781

53. The battle of Groton Heights, Sept.6th 1781; eyewitness accounts

54. The battle of Groton Heights

55. The battle of Harlem Heights, September 16, 1776

56. The battle of Harlem Heights

57. The battle of Long Island

58. The battle of Monmouth

59. The battle of Pell's Point (or Pelham) October 18, 1776

60. The battle of Point Pleasant a battle of the revolution Oct.10 1774

61. The battle of Red Bank, resulting in the defeat of the Hessians and the destruction of the British frigate Augusta, Oct. 22 and 23, 1777

62. The battle-field of Bunker Hill with a relation of the action by William Prescott, and illustrative documents

63. The battle-fields of the Revolution

64. The battles of the war for independence

65. The Beginnings of the American Revolution vol.1

66. The Beginnings of the American Revolution vol.2

67. The Beginnings of the American Revolution vol.3

68. The Bland papers being a selection from the manuscripts of Colonel Theodorick Bland, jr vol.1+2

69. The bombardment of New York and the fight for independence on the waters of New York City against the sea power of Great Britain in the year 1776

70. The book of the Army

71. The book of the Navy

72. The boys of '76. A history of the battles of the revolution

73. The British attack at Bunker Hill

74. The British invasion from the north

75. The British invasion of New Haven, Connecticut, together with some account of their landing and burning the towns of Fairfield and Norwalk, July, 1779

76. The Burgoyne campaign Bemis Heights, Sept'r 19th and Oct'r 7th, 1777. Hauver Island and its fortifications

77. The campaign against Quebec 1775

78. The campaign in Virginia 1781 vol.1

79. The campaign in Virginia 1781 vol.2

80. The campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn

81. The Campaign of 1781 in the Carolinas

82. The campaign of Lieut. Gen. John Burgoyne and the expedition of Lieut. Col. Barry St. Leger

83. The campaign of Trenton 1776-77

84. The capture of Fort William and Mary

85. The capture of Mount Washington, November 16th, 1776, the result of treason

86. The case of the Hessian forces in the pay of Great Britain impartially and freely examin'd

87. The causes of the War of Independence

88. The centennial history of the battle of Bennington, Aug.16th 1777

89. The Chevalier de Pontgibaud A French volunteer of the war of independence

90. The colonial merchants and the American revolution, 1763-1776

91. The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution

92. The command in the battle of Bunker hill

93. The Concord minute men

94. The Continental Army at the crossing of the Delaware

95. The Cornwallis campaign of 1781

96. The Cowpens Staff Ride and Battlefield Tour

97. The Crisis of the Revolution

98. The day of Concord and Lexington, the 19th of April, 1775

99. The defence of Admiral Keppel

100.                     The defence of Vice-Admiral Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart