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American War of Independence 1775-83 - volume 9

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A collection of 118 titles dealing with the American War of Independence in all its aspects
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The books are;

  1. A Report of the Record Commissioners of the city of Boston, containing the Boston town records, 1778-1783

  2. Daniel Sullivan's visits, May-June, 1781, to General John Sullivan, in Philadelphia, to explain declarations in Sir Henry Clinton's Secret Journal

  3. Heroes of our revolution

  4. How George Rogers Clark won the Northwest and other essays in western history

  5. Lives of the departed heroes, sages, and statesmen of America

  6. Memoir of the life and times of General John Lamb, an officer of the revolution

  7. Revolution of America

  8. Revolutionary heroes, and other historical papers

  9. Revolutionary war records – Virginia

  10. The Navy of the American Revolution

  11. The navy of the United States, from the commencement, 1775 to 1853; with a brief history of each vessel's service and fate

  12. The New Jersey volunteers - loyalists - in the Revolutionary war

  13. The northern invasion of October, 1780

  14. The Operations of the French fleet under the Count de Grasse in 1781-2

  15. The order book of Capt. Leonard Bleeker - under Gen. James Clinton, against the Indian settlements of western New York, in the campaign of 1779

  16. The orderly book of Colonel William Henshaw, of the American army, April 20-Sept. 26, 1775

  17. The orderly book of that portion of the American army stationed at or near Williamsburg, Va., under Gen. A. Lewis, from March 18th, to Aug 28th, 1776

  18. The original journal of General Solomon Lovell, kept during the Penobscot Expedition, 1779

  19. The papers of Captain Rufus Lincoln, of Wareham, Mass.

  20. the papers of Lachlan McIntosh

  21. The Pennsylvania-German in the revolutionary war

  22. The pictorial field book of the revolution Vol.1

  23. The pictorial field book of the revolution Vol.2

  24. The Pictorial History of the American Revolution

  25. The prisoners of 1776; a relic of the revolution

  26. The Private Soldier Under Washington

  27. The ranger service in the upper valley of the Connecticut

  28. The reader's handbook of the American Revolution

  29. The rear-guard of the revolution

  30. The refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut

  31. The Revolution in Virginia

  32. The revolution on the upper Ohio 1775-1777

  33. The revolution

  34. The revolutionary adventures of Ebenezer Fox

  35. The revolutionary journal of Col. Jeduthan Baldwin 1775-1778

  36. The revolutionary records of the state of Georgia Vol.1

  37. The revolutionary records of the state of Georgia Vol.2

  38. The revolutionary records of the state of Georgia Vol.3

  39. The Revolutionary services of John Greenwood of Boston and New York, 1775-1783

  40. the revolutionary soldiers of Delaware

  41. The revolutionary soldiers of Redding, Connecticut together with some account of the loyalists of the town and vicinity

  42. The Revolutionary War and the military policy of the United States

  43. The Royal commission on the losses & services of American loyalists, 1783-85

  44. The Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution

  45. The services of Lieut.-Colonel Francis Downman RA

  46. The sexagenary or, Reminiscences of the American Revolution

  47. The siege of Boston

  48. The siege of Charleston by the British fleet and army, with the surrender on the 12th of May, 1780

  49. The Siege of Newport, August, 1778

  50. The siege of Penobscot by the rebels; containing a journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's forces detached from the 74th and 82d regiments

  51. The siege of Savannah 1779

  52. The Siege of Savannah

  53. The Storming of Stony Point 1779

  54. The story of Butler's Rangers and the settlement of Niagara

  55. The story of Commodore John Barry, - father of the American navy

  56. The story of old Saratoga; the Burgoyne campaign, to which is added New York's share in the revolution

  57. The strategic relations of New Jersey

  58. The struggle for American independence vol.1

  59. The struggle for American independence vol.2

  60. The Swamp fox; young folks' life of Gen. Francis Marion

  61. The Tories of the upper Ohio

  62. The transition in Illinois from British to American government

  63. The Treason of Gen.Charles Lee

  64. The trial of the Honourable Augustus Keppel, Admiral of the Blue Squadron 1779

  65. The Two Spies, Nathan Hale and John Andre

  66. The United empire loyalists a chronicle of the great migration

  67. The voyage of the first Hessian army from Portsmouth to New York, 1776

  68. The War for Independence - a military history

  69. The war of American independence

  70. The War of the American Revolution

  71. The watch fires of '76

  72. The West in the diplomacy of the American Revolution

  73. The women of the American Revolution Volume 1

  74. The women of the American Revolution Volume 2

  75. The Yorktown Campaign and the surrender of Cornwallis 1781

  76. Thrilling incidents of the wars of the United States - from the Revolution to the Mexican war

  77. Tories of New Hampshire in the war of the revolution

  78. Traditions and reminiscences, chiefly of the American revolution in the South

  79. Travels in North-America, in the years 1780-82 vol.1 By François Jean Chastellux

  80. Travels in North-America, in the years 1780-82 vol.2 By François Jean Chastellux

  81. Travels through the interior parts of America - in a series of letters by an officer vol.1

  82. Travels through the interior parts of America - in a series of letters by an officer vol.2

  83. Two Scottish Soldiers

  84. US Records of the revolutionary war

  85. Valley Forge orderly book of General George Weedon of the Continental Army under command of Gen. George Washington

  86. Valley Forge, a chronicle of American heroism

  87. Vermont - a study of independence

  88. Virginia militia in the Revolutionary War - McAllister's data

  89. Visits to the Saratoga battlegrounds

  90. Waldeck's diary of the American revolution – German

  91. War of American independence, 1775-1783

  92. Washington and his comrades in arms

  93. Washington and his generals vol.1

  94. Washington and his generals vol.2

  95. Washington and the generals of the American Revolution vol.1

  96. Washington and the generals of the American Revolution vol.2

  97. Washington at Valley Forge, together with the Duché correspondence

  98. Washington at Valley Forge

  99. Washington papers

  100. Washington the soldier

  101. Washington, Commander In Chief

  102. Washington-Irvine Correspondence The Official Letters

  103. Washington's headquarters and the revolutionary army at Fredericksburgh in the state of New York Sept 19th to Nov 28th, 1778

  104. William Churchill Houston, 1746-1788

  105. William Webb, his war service from Long Island and Connecticut

  106. Windham, Maine in the war of the revolution, 1775-1783

  107. Winslow papers vol.1

  108. Winter Encampments of the Revolution

  109. Writings of G. Washington Vol.3

  110. Writings of G. Washington Vol.4

  111. Writings of G. Washington Vol.5

  112. Writings of G. Washington Vol.6

  113. Writings of G. Washington Vol.7

  114. Writings of G. Washington Vol.8

  115. Writings of G. Washington Vol.9

  116. Writings of G. Washington Vol.10

  117. Yale and her honor-roll in the American revolution

  118. Yorktown and the Siege of 1781