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Anglo-US War of 1812 - Volume 2

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A collection of 116 titles dealing with the Anglo-US War in Canada and the USA 1812-15, both on land and at sea
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The books are;

    1. Memoirs of the campaign of the north western army of the United States,1812

    2. Militia laws of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    3. Minutes of the Committee of Defence of Philadelphia, 1814-15 Vol.8

    4. Muster rolls of the Pennsylvania volunteers 1812-14

    5. Narrative of the life of General Leslie Combs

    6. Narrative of the massacre at Chicago Saturday August 15, 1812

    7. Narrative of the suffering and defeat of the North-western army

    8. New York City and Vicinity During the War of 1812 vol.1

    9. New York City and Vicinity During the War of 1812 vol.2

    10. Notes on the war in the south

    11. Notices of the War of 1812 Vol.1

    12. Notices of the War of 1812 Vol.2

    13. Officers of the British forces in Canada 1812-15

    14. Official history of the 13th Battalion of infantry

    15. Official Letters of the Military and Naval Officers of the US,1812-15

    16. Orderly book of Harrisburg volunteer company of artillery 1814

    17. Peace, war, and adventure - memoir of George Laval Chesterton, Vol.1

    18. Perpetual war - the policy of Mr Madison

    19. perry and Newport

    20. pictorial field book of 1812

    21. Prologue to war; England and the United States, 1805-12

    22. Public papers of Daniel D. Tompkins, governor of New York, 1807-1817 vol.1

    23. Queenston heights. A thrilling narrative of the famous battle

    24. Queenston Heights

    25. Recollections of the American war of 1812

    26. Records of officers and men of New Jersey in wars 1791-1815

    27. Red Eagle and the wars with the Creek Indians of Alabama 1813-14

    28. Refutation of charges by officers of the late US Lt dragoons, against Lt. Col. Ball

    29. Reminiscences of the War of 1812-14. Diary of a captain of the Voltigeurs Canadiens

    30. Reminiscences, 1780 to 1814, including incidents in the war of 1812-14

    31. Report of the trial of Brig. General William Hull, commanding the North-Western Army

    32. Richardson's War of 1812

    33. Select British documents of the Canadian war of 1812 vol.1

    34. Select British documents of the Canadian war of 1812 vol.2

    35. Select British documents of the Canadian war of 1812 vol.3 part 1

    36. Some Account of the Public Life of the Late Lieutenant-General Sir George Prevost

    37. Ten years of Upper Canada in peace and war, 1805-1815 being the Ridout letters

    38. The battle of Lundy's Lane, 25th July, 1814

    39. The Battle of New Orleans

    40. The Battle of Queenston Heights Oct.13 1812

    41. The Battle of Queenston Heights

    42. The Battle of the Thames – 1813

    43. The battle of York - 27th April, 1813

    44. The British invasion of Maryland 1812-15

    45. The Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans 1814-15

    46. The Canadian war of 1812

    47. The Chicago massacre of 1812 with illustrations and historical documents

    48. the citizen soldiers at north point and fort McHenry 1814

    49. The Diary of a private soldier in the campaign of New Orleans

    50. The Diplomacy of the War of 1812

    51. The Documentary History of the Campaign Upon the Niagara Frontier 1813-14 vol.9

    52. The employment of Indians in the War of 1812

    53. The fight in the beechwoods - Battle of Beaver Dams 1813

    54. The Fort Dearborn Massacre - by a survivor

    55. The Four Principal Battles of the Late War

    56. The generals of the last war with Great Britain

    57. The Historical Register of the United States vol.1

    58. The Historical Register of the United States vol.2

    59. The Historical Register of the United States vol.3

    60. The Historical Register of the United States vol.4

    61. The history of the War in the Northwest

    62. The invasion of the city of Washington

    63. The life and correspondence of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, K. B

    64. The life and times of Patrick Gass

    65. The life of Major-General William Henry Harrison

    66. The loyalty and devotion of colored Americans in the revolution and war of 1812

    67. The memoirs of Gen. Joseph Gardner Swift

    68. The military and naval operations in the Canadas

    69. The prisoners memoirs - Dartmoor prison

    70. The Robert Lucas journal of the war of 1812 under General William Hall

    71. The Siege of Fort Erie 1812

    72. The siege of Fort Erie an episode of the war of 1812

    73. The Siege of Fort Erie August 1st - September 23rd, 1814

    74. The sortie from Fort Erie 1814

    75. The story of Isaac Brock; Hero,Defender and saviour of Upper Canada 1812

    76. The story of Laura Secord, 1813

    77. The Twenty-first's trophy of Niagara

    78. The War of 1812 in Connection with the Army Bill Act

    79. The War of 1812

    80. The War with the United States; A chronicle of 1812

    81. Troops under Cols. Fenton, Hill, Rush, Gens. Harrison and Crook, Maj. Wersler

    82. Two western campaigns in the War of 1812-13

    83. Unwelcome visitors to Washington, August 24,1814

    84. US Campaign of 1813 to capture Montreal

    85. US Govt Payment for Property - War of 1812-14

    86. US military laws 1812

    87. Views of the campaigns of the north-western army

    88. War Department Correspondence

    89. War of 1812 the operations of the Right Division of the Canadian army

    90. War On The Detroit

    91. Perry at Put in Bay, Echoes of the War in 1812

    92. Sea power in relation to the war of 1812 Vol.1

    93. Sea power in relation to the war of 1812 Vol.2

    94. Second war with England sundry papers

    95. The American privateers, and letters-of-marque, 1812-14

    96. The battle of Lake Erie

    97. The building of Perry's fleet on Lake Erie, 1812-1813

    98. The Diary of Benjamin F.Palmer Privateersman

    99. The Fight for a Free Sea, 1812

    100. The glorious Shannon's old blue duster

    101. The life and character of Stephen Decatur USN

    102. The life and services of Commodore William Bainbridge USN

    103. The most successful American privateer, an episode of the War of 1812

    104. The Naval Monument

    105. The Naval Temple. (Operations of the US Navy)

    106. The Naval War of 1812 A Documentary History vol.1

    107. The Naval War of 1812 A Documentary History vol.2

    108. The Naval War of 1812 A Documentary History vol.3

    109. The Naval war of 1812 by Theodore Roosevelt

    110. The navies on Lake Ontario in the War of 1812

    111. The seizure of the British ship Lord Nelson, by a US ship, 5th June, 1812

    112. The Travels and Adventures of David Bunnell - US sailor

    113. The USS Chesapeake and Lt Ludlow 1813

    114. The visits of American and British vessels to the Genesee River, 1809-14

    115. The War of 1812 - A Part of its Naval History

    116. Journal of Major Isaac Roach 1812-24