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GREAT WAR Book Collection - part 3

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A collection of 100 volumes on the Great War - from official histories to personal narratives and reports from war correspondents.
All books are in PDF format and supplied on a USB stick
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The books are;
  1. Raemaeker's cartoons (1916-17)

  2. Realities of war

  3. Sapper Dorothy Lawrence -The Only English Woman Soldier, Late Royal Engineers

  4. Scott's official history of the American Negro in the world war

  5. Scouting thrills

  6. Secrets of success in war. How modern armies organise, train and fight. A comparison of the British and German systems

  7. Sergeant Michael Cassidy, R. E.

  8. Seven years in Vienna (August, 1907--August, 1914) a record of intrigue

  9. Sherwood Foresters in the Great War 1-8th Bn

  10. Short history of the London Rifle Brigade

  11. Sir Douglas Haig's command, Dec. 19, 1915, to Nov. 11, 1918 vol.1

  12. Sir Douglas Haig's command, Dec. 19, 1915, to Nov. 11, 1918 vol.2

  13. Sir Douglas Haig's command, Dec. 19, 1915, to Nov. 11, 1918 vol.3

  14. Six months on the Italian front, from the Stelvio to the Adriatic, 1915-1916

  15. Six weeks at the war

  16. Six women and the invasion

  17. Sketches of the East Africa Campaign

  18. Some experiences in Hungary, August 1914 to January 1915

  19. Tables of organization, US army 1917

  20. Tanks in the great war, 1914-1918

  21. Tanks, 1914-1918; the log-book of a pioneer

  22. Temporary heroes

  23. The 39th(Deptford)Divisional Artillery 1915-18

  24. The 51st in France (Gordon Highlanders)

  25. The amateur army

  26. The army behind the army

  27. The assault; Germany before the outbreak and England in war-time; a personal narrative

  28. The audacious war

  29. The battle of the rivers

  30. The Battle of Ypres-Armentières

  31. The battles in Flanders, from ypres to Neuve Chapelle

  32. The battles of the Somme

  33. The Belgian front and its notable features

  34. The boy with the guns

  35. The British army from within

  36. The British campaign in France and Flanders vol.1

  37. The British campaign in France and Flanders vol.2

  38. The British campaign in France and Flanders vol.3

  39. The British campaign in France and Flanders vol.4

  40. The British campaign in France and Flanders vol.5

  41. The British campaign in France and Flanders vol.6

  42. The British interned in Switzerland

  43. The Canadian Emma Gees - a history of the Canadian machine gun Corps

  44. The Canadian front in France and Flanders

  45. The capture of De Wet, the South African rebellion, 1914

  46. The church in the fighting line with General Smith-Dorrien at the front, being the experiences of a chaplain in charge of an infantry brigade

  47. The daredevil of the army

  48. The despatches of Lord French

  49. The diary of a dead officer, being the posthumous papers of Arthur Graeme West

  50. The Diary of a French Private - War-imprisonment, 1914-1915

  51. The enemy within - German sabotage in America

  52. The escape of a Princess Pat

  53. The escaping club

  54. The fifth Leicestershire

  55. The Fighting Retreat to Paris

  56. The fighting Territorials vol.2

  57. The First Campaign in Russian Poland

  58. The first seven divisions, being a detailed account of the fighting from Mons to Ypres

  59. The first world war, 1914-1918 personal experiences of Lt.-Col. C. à Court Repington vol.1

  60. The first world war, 1914-1918 personal experiences of Lt.-Col. C. à Court Repington vol.2

  61. The Flaming Crucible. The Faith of the Fighting Men

  62. The Fortieth, a record of the 40th battalion, A.I.F.

  63. The French army from within 1914

  64. The French official review of the first six months of the war

  65. The German army from within. By a British officer who has served in it

  66. The German army in Belgium, the white book of May 1915

  67. The German forces in the field – 1918

  68. The German fury in Belgium; experiences of a Netherland journalist during four months with the German army in Belgium

  69. The German general staff and its decisions, 1914-1916

  70. The Germans on the Somme

  71. The Gold Coast Regiment in the East African campaign

  72. The good soldier; a selection of soldiers' letters, 1914-1918

  73. The great push; an episode of the Great War (1916)

  74. The Great war as I saw it (Canadian)

  75. The history of the 7th Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

  76. The history of the 33rd Divisional Artillery in the war 1914-1918

  77. The history of the 51st (Highland) division, 1914-1918

  78. The history of Ruhleben a record of British organisation in a prison camp in Germany

  79. The history of the American expedition fighting the Bolsheviki; campaigning in north Russia 1918-1919

  80. The history of the Royal Fusiliers UPS University and Public Schools Brigade

  81. The horse and the war. Illustrated from drawings by Lionel Edwards and from photographs

  82. The Irish Canadian Rangers

  83. The iron ration; three years in warring Central Europe

  84. The Kaiser's memoirs, Wilhelm II, emperor of Germany, 1888-1918

  85. The last four months; the end of the war in the west

  86. The Latin at war

  87. The life of Sir Stanley Maude, lieutenant-general

  88. The march on Paris and the battle of the Marne, 1914

  89. The Marne campaign

  90. The O. T. C. and the great war

  91. The old front line

  92. The peak of the load; the waiting months on the hilltop from the entrance of the Stars and Stripes to the second victory of the Marne

  93. The pipes of war a record of the achievements of pipers of Scottish and overseas regiments during the war, 1914-18

  94. The Rangers' historical records from 1859 to the conclusion of the Great War

  95. The Red Watch- with the 1st Canadian Division in Flanders

  96. The retreat from Mons - and other pamphlets

  97. The retreat from Mons - Corbett-Smith

  98. The retreat from Mons – Gordon

  99. The role of British Strategy in the Great War

  100. The romance of war inventions