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GREAT WAR Book collection - part 1

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A collection of 100 volumes on the Great War - from official histories to personal narratives and reports from war correspondents.
All books are in PDF format and supplied on a professionally printed DVD 

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The books are;
  1. 1st Bn Somerset Light Infantry - July 1916 to the end of the war

  2. 3rd Canadian Mounted Regiment nominal roll of officers, non-commissioned officers and men

  3. 4th Canadian Infantry Bn,1914-18

  4. 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, 1914-19

  5. 5th Bn Highland Light Infantry in the war,1914-18

  6. 6th Bn Durham Light Infantry_ France,April 1915-November 1918

  7. 7th Bn Manchester Regt, July 1916 to March 1919

  8. 9th Bn King's Liverpool Regt in France

  9. 10th, 13th and 28th Canadian Bns, 1914-17

  10. 13th Bn Royal Highlanders of Canada,1914-19

  11. 15th Infantry Brigade,august 1914 to march 1915

  12. 16 months in four German prisons

  13. 17th Highland Light Infantry record of war service

  14. 20th Bn Kings Royal Rifle Corps (B.E.L pioneers)

  15. 23rd (service )Bn Royal Fusiliers

  16. 33rd Division in the World War Vol.1

  17. 33rd Division in the World War Vol.2

  18. 33rd Division; across no-man's land

  19. 72nd Canadian Infantry Bn,Seaforth Highlanders of Canada

  20. 76th Overseas Bn of the Canadian Expeditionary Force,1915-16

  21. 87th Infantry Battalion - Canadian Grenadier Guards

  22. 116th Bn in France (Canadian)

  23. 1914

  24. A Brigadier in France 1917-18

  25. A company of tanks

  26. A crusader of France; the letters of Captain Ferdinand Belmont of the chasseurs alpins (August 2, 1914-December 28, 1915)

  27. A doctor's diary in Damaraland - Namibia 1914

  28. A German deserter's war experience

  29. A handful of Ausseys

  30. A Hilltop on the Marne - Letters written from the Marne during the first weeks of World War I

  31. A history of the great war vol.1

  32. A history of the great war vol.2

  33. A history of the great war vol.3

  34. A history of the great war vol.4

  35. A private in the guards

  36. A reporter at Armageddon; letters from the front and behind the lines of the great war

  37. A short history of the 6th Division aug.1914-march 1919

  38. A soldiers sketches under fire (1916)

  39. A soldier unafraid; letters from the trenches on the Alsatian front

  40. A survey of German tactics, 1918

  41. A war nurse's diary; sketches from a Belgian field hospital

  42. A year ago; eye-witness's narrative of the war from March 20th to July 18th, 1915

  43. Action Front (1916)

  44. Actions and reactions in Russia

  45. Adventures in propaganda; letters from an intelligence officer in France

  46. Ambulance 464 - encore des blesses

  47. An American crusader at Verdun

  48. An Englishman in the Russian ranks, ten months' fighting in Poland

  49. An onlooker in France, 1917-1919

  50. At Ypres

  51. Attack; an infantry subaltern's impression of July 1st, 1916

  52. Austria's peace offer, 1916-1917

  53. Back to Blighty - battle stories

  54. Battery flashes (1916)

  55. Battlefields of the World War, western and southern fronts; a study in military geography

  56. Behind the German veil - a record of a journalistic war pilgrimage

  57. Behind the scenes at the front

  58. Belgium at war

  59. Belgium; a personal narrative vol.1

  60. Belgium; a personal narrative vol.2

  61. Blood and Iron_ impressions from the front in France and Flanders

  62. Boche and Bolshevik experiences of an Englishman in the German army and in Russian prisons

  63. Breaking the Hindenburg line - 46th(North Midland)Division

  64. Brest-Litovsk The Forgotten Peace, March 1918

  65. British campaigns in Africa and the Pacific, 1914-1918

  66. British secret service during the Great War

  67. Canada in Flanders Vol.1

  68. Canada in Flanders Vol.2

  69. Canada in Flanders Vol.3

  70. Canada's Hundred Days_ the Canadian Corps from Amiens to Mons,aug.8-nov.11,1918

  71. Captive of the Kaiser in Belgium (with the Fall of Namur)

  72. Contemptible (1916)

  73. Covered with mud and glory; a machine gun company in action (Ma mitrailleuse)

  74. Day by day with the Russian army, 1914-15

  75. Dear folks at home - The glorious story of the US marines in France as told by their letters from the battlefield

  76. Deeds of heroism and bravery the book of heroes and personal daring

  77. Desperate Germany

  78. Diary of a German Soldier

  79. Dixmude, the epic of the French marines (October 17-November 10, 1914)

  80. Dover during the dark days

  81. Englishman, kamerad! Right of the British line

  82. Experiences of a dug-out, 1914-1918

  83. Eye-witness's narrative of the war; from the Marne to Neuve Chapelle, September, 1914-March, 1915

  84. Facing the Hindenburg line; personal observations at the fronts and in the camps of the British, French, Americans, and Italians, during the campaigns of 1917

  85. Fall of Tsingtau 1914

  86. Field hospital and flying column, the journal of an English nursing sister in Belgium and Russia

  87. Field notes from the Russian front 1915

  88. Fighters for peace

  89. Fighting in Flanders

  90. Fighting the Boche underground

  91. Fighting with King Albert

  92. Five fronts on the firing-lines with English-French, Austrian, German and Russian troops

  93. For Empire, Australia's Rally

  94. Forced to fight; the tale of a Schleswig Dane

  95. Forty days in 1914

  96. From Bapaume to Passchendaele, on the western front, 1917

  97. From Doniphan to Verdun

  98. From dug-out and billet an officer's letters to his mother

  99. From Mons to Loos; the diary of a supply officer

  100. From Mons to Ypres with General French; a personal narrative
  101. Marching on Tanga - with General Smuts in East Africa
  102. The story of a lion hunt; with some of the hunter's military adventures during the war in East Africa