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History of the British Army vol.1

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A collection of 131 titles on the History of the British Army.

Most of the titles are Regimental histories written during the 1800's, covering a wide range of warfare.

The books are all in PDF format and come on a USB stick.
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The books are;

  1. Her Majesty's Army; a descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen's forces vol.1

  2. Her Majesty's Army; a descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen's forces vol.2

  3. Her Majesty's Army; a descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen's forces vol.3

  4. Her Majesty's Army; a descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen's forces vol.4

  5. 1st King's Own Stafford militia

  6. 1st or the Royal Regiment of Dragoons

  7. 1st Royal Regiment of Dragoons

  8. 1st Volunteer Battalion - Birmingham militia

  9. 1st, or King's Regiment of Dragoon Guards

  10. 1st, or Royal Regiment of Foot

  11. 2nd (now 80th), or Royal Tyron fusilier regiment

  12. 2nd dragoons Royal Scots greys

  13. 2nd Royal Surrey militia

  14. 2nd, or, Queen's Regiment of Dragoon Guards, (Queen's Bays)

  15. 3rd and 4th Battalions of the Worcestershire regt

  16. 3rd Regiment, King's Own Light Dragoons

  17. 3rd regt.of Foot, the Buffs

  18. 3rd West York Light infantry (Militia)

  19. 3rd, Prince of Wales' Regiment of Dragoon Guards

  20. 4th, King's Own regiment of Foot

  21. 4th, or The Queen's Own Regiment of Light Dragoons

  22. 4th, or, Royal Irish Regiment of Dragoon Guards

  23. 5th (Royal Irish) Lancers

  24. 5th Administration Bn Cheshire Rifle volunteers

  25. 5th Regt of Foot, or Northumberland Fusiliers

  26. 5th(Royal Irish) Lancers from their foundation as Wynne's Dragoons, in 1689

  27. 5th, or Princess Charlotte of Wales's Regiment of Dragoon Guards

  28. 6th Regiment of Dragoon Guards, or the Carabineers

  29. 6th regt.of Foot, Royal First Warwickshire

  30. 6th, or Inniskilling Regiment of Dragoons

  31. 7th Regiment, or, The Royal Fusiliers

  32. 7th, or Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

  33. 7th, or, Princess Royal's Regiment of Dragoon Guards

  34. 7th, or, The Queen's Own Regiment of Hussars

  35. 8th King's liverpool regt.

  36. 8th regt of foot

  37. 9th (Queen Royal) Lancers 1715-1903

  38. 9th, East Norfolk regt. of Foot

  39. 10th, or the North Lincolnshire Regiment of Foot

  40. 10th, the Prince of Wales's Own Royal Regiment of Hussars

  41. 11th regt.of Foot, the North Devon regiment

  42. 11th, or the Prince Albert's Own Regiment of Hussars

  43. 12th, East Suffolk Regiment of Foot

  44. 13th regiment – Somersetshire

  45. 14th (King's) Hussars 1715-1900

  46. 14th, Buckinghamshire Regiment of Foot

  47. 14th, King's Regiment of Light Dragoons

  48. 15th Hussars

  49. 15th, or the kings regiment of light dragoons

  50. 15th, Yorkshire East Riding Regiment of Foot

  51. 16th, Bedfordshire Regiment of Foot

  52. 16th, or, The Queen's Regiment of Light Dragoons, Lancers 1759-1841

  53. 16th, or, The Queen's Regiment of Light Dragoons, Lancers

  54. 16th, the Queen's Light Dragoons (Lancers) 1912-25

  55. 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)

  56. 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons, - Lancers

  57. 17th, Leicestershire Regiment of Foot

  58. 18th Hussars

  59. 18th, Royal Irish Regiment of Foot

  60. 19th, or, The First Yorkshire North Riding Regiment of Foot

  61. 20th regt. of Foot

  62. 21st Regiment, the Royal North British Fusiliers

  63. 22nd Cheshire regt. of Foot

  64. 23rd Regiment, or, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers

  65. 24th Regiment

  66. 26th, or Cameronian regiment

  67. 27th Inniskilling regiment

  68. 29th regt of foot

  69. 30th regiment

  70. 31st, or, The Huntingdonshire Regiment of Foot

  71. 32nd (Cornwall) Light infantry

  72. 34th Cumberland regt. of Foot

  73. 36th,Herefordshire Foot

  74. 39th, or, The Dorsetshire Regiment of Foot

  75. 40th Regiment of foot

  76. 41st regt. of Foot (Welch)

  77. 42nd Royal Highlanders - The Black watch 1729-1893

  78. 44th regt. of foot East Essex

  79. 45th Foot - 1st nottinghamshire regiment

  80. 46th, South Devonshire Regiment of Foot

  81. 50th Queens Own regt.

  82. 51st Kings own light infantry regt.

  83. 52nd Regiment (Oxfordshire Light Infantry)

  84. 53rd, Shropshire regiment of Foot

  85. 54th West Norfolk regt.

  86. 56th, or the West Essex Regiment of Foot

  87. 57th, or, West Middlesex regiment of foot

  88. 60th Kings royal rifle corps

  89. 61st South Gloucester Foot

  90. 64th regt of Foot (2nd Staffordshire)

  91. 66th Berkshire Regiment

  92. 67th, South Hampshire Regiment

  93. 70th regt.of Foot, The Surrey regiment

  94. 71st regiment Highland light infantry - to 1876

  95. 71st Regiment, Highland Light Infantry - to 1852

  96. 72nd Regiment, Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders

  97. 73rd Regiment of Foot

  98. 74th regt. Highlanders

  99. 75th regt. Gordon Highlanders – Vol.1

  100. 75th regt. Gordon Highlanders – Vol.2

  101. 77th Regiment

  102. 79th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

  103. 79th regt.Cameronian Highlanders

  104. 81st regiment - Loyal Lincoln

  105. 82nd regiment - Prince of Wales volunteers

  106. 86th, Royal County Down Regiment of Foot

  107. 87th, Royal Irish Fusiliers

  108. 88th Regt of Foot, or Connaught Rangers

  109. 90th regt. Perthshire Light infantry

  110. 91st Argyllshire Highlanders

  111. 91st Princess Louise's Argyllshire Highlanders

  112. 92nd regt Highlanders

  113. 93rd - The Sutherland highlanders

  114. A brief history of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 1755 to 1915

  115. A historical account of the services of the 34th & 55th regiments

  116. A history of the Coldstream guards, from 1815 to 1895

  117. A history of the Fife light horse

  118. A list of the officers of 85th regt.

  119. A list of the officers of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoons

  120. A List of the Officers of the 94th regt

  121. A list of the officers of the Yorkshire Hussars

  122. A military history of Perthshire, 1899-1902

  123. A Narrative of the Historical Events connected with the 69th Regiment

  124. A short history of standing armies in England

  125. A short history of the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders); 42nd, 73rd, 1725-1907. With an account of the 2nd bn in the South African War, 1899-1902

  126. Abstracts of the number and yearly pay of the land forces ... of horse, foot and Dragoons 1718

  127. An account of the Regiments of Royal Lancashire militia

  128. An Account of the Scottish Regiments with statistics

  129. an alphabetical list of the officers of the grenadier guards, 1800-54

  130. An historical account of his majesty's First, or the royal regiment of foot

  131. An Historical Memoir of the 35th Royal Sussex Regiment of Foot