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Colonial Era - Indian Sub-Continent part 3

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A collection of 104 titles on the British Colonial experience in the Indian sub-continent from Persia to Burma
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The books are;
1.                 Six months at Martaban, during the Burmese war
2.                 Sketches on service during the Indian frontier campaigns of 1897
3.                 Soldier and traveller; memoirs of Alexander Gardner, Colonel of Artillery in the service of Maharaja Ranjit Singh
4.                 Some recollection in the life of Lieut.-Col. P.P. Nevill, late major 63rd Regt
5.                 Stringer Lawrence, the father of the Indian army
6.                 Ten years in India, in the 16th Queen's Lancers and three years in South Africa
7.                 Ten years in India; or, The life of a young officer vol.1
8.                 Ten years in India; or, The life of a young officer vol.2
9.                 Ten years in India; or, The life of a young officer vol.3
10.             The 2nd Battalion Derbyshire in the Sikkim campaign
11.             The 2nd Battalion, Derbyshire Regiment in Tirah
12.             The 95th (The Derbyshire) Regiment in Central India
13.             The Afghan question from 1841 to 1878
14.             The Afghan war of 1879-80 being a complete narrative of the capture of Cabul, the siege of Sherpur, the battle of Ahmed Khel
15.             The Afghan war, 1838-1842 from the journal and correspondence of the late Major - General Augustus Abbott
16.             The Afghan wars, 1839-42 and 1878-80
17.             The annexation of the Punjaub, and the Maharajah Duleep Singh
18.             The armies of India
19.             The Armies of the Native States of India – 1884
20.             The army of the Indian Moghuls its organization and administration
21.             The Bombay Field Force, 1880
22.             The Campaign in Tirah 1897-1898
23.             The career of Major George Broadfoot, C.B. in Afghanistan and the Punjab
24.             The Chaplain's Narrative Of The Siege Of Delhi, From The Outbreak At Meerut To The Capture Of Delhi
25.             The Chitral campaign; a narrative of events in Chitral, Swat and Bajour
26.             The Conquest of Scinde - A Commentary part 1
27.             The Conquest of Scinde - A Commentary part 2
28.             The crisis in the Punjab, from the 10th of May until the fall of Delhi
29.             The decisive battles of India from 1746 to 1849 inclusive
30.             The defence of Cawnpore 1857
31.             The defence of Lucknow - a diary, recording the daily events during the siege
32.             The first Afghan war
33.             The Hearseys; five generations of an Anglo-Indian family
34.             The heart of a continent a narrative of travels in Manchuria, across the Gobi desert, through the Himalayas, the Pamirs, and Chitral,
35.             The history of the Bengal European regiment ; now the Royal Munster Fusiliers, and how it helped to win India
36.             The history of the Indian revolt and of the expeditions to Persia, China, and Japan, 1856-8
37.             The History Of The Sikhs Containing An Account Of The War Between The Sikhs And The British In 1845-46 vol.2
38.             The illustrated history of the British Empire in India and the East, vol.1
39.             The illustrated history of the British Empire in India and the East, vol.2
40.             The Indian borderland, 1880-1900
41.             The Indian frontier war being an account of the Mohmund and Tirah
42.             The Indian mutiny of 1857
43.             The Lawrences of the Punjab
44.             The life and career of Major Sir Louis Cavagnari, CSI ,KCB, British envoy at Cabul
45.             The Life and Correspondence of Field-Marshal Sir George Pollock
46.             The Life Of Field Marshal Sir Frederick Paul Haines
47.             The life of Field-Marshal Sir George White, V.C. vol.1
48.             The life of Hodson of Hodson's horse
49.             The life of John Nicholson, soldier and administrator
50.             The Lushai expedition, 1871-1872
51.             The military history of the Madras engineers and pioneers vol.1
52.             The military history of the Madras engineers and pioneers vol.2
53.             The military operations at Cabul, which ended in the retreat and destruction of the British army, January 1842
54.             The Military Operations at Cabul. With a Journal of Imprisonment in Affghanistan
55.             The mission to Kandahar
56.             The mutinies in Rajpootana
57.             The mutinies in the Bengal army
58.             The mutiny of the Bengal army - an historical narrative
59.             The old colonial system
60.             The origin and authentic narrative of the present Maratta War; and also, the late Rohilla War, in 1773-74
61.             The people of India vol.1
62.             The people of India vol.2
63.             The people of India vol.3
64.             The people of India vol.4
65.             The people of India vol.5
66.             The people of India vol.6
67.             The personal adventures and experiences of a magistrate during the rise, progress, and suppression of the Indian mutiny
68.             The Punjab and Delhi in 1857 vol.1
69.             The Punjab and Delhi in 1857 vol.2
70.             The rebellion in India. The wondrous tale of the greased cartridges
71.             The recent operations of the British forces at Rangoon and Martaban
72.             The relief of Chitral
73.             The revolt in Central India 1857-59
74.             The revolt in Hindustan 1857-59
75.             The Risings on the North-west frontier 1897-8
76.             The second Afghan war, 1878-79-80 its causes, its conduct and its consequences vol.1
77.             The second Afghan war, 1878-79-80 its causes, its conduct and its consequences vol.2
78.             The Second Afghan War, 1878-80 Official Account
79.             The Second Burmese War; A Narrative of the Operations at Rangoon, in 1852
80.             The Sepoy revolt - a critical narrative
81.             The Sepoy revolt; its causes and its consequences
82.             The Sikhs And Afghans In Connexion With India And Persia
83.             The Sikhs And The Sikh Wars - The Rise, Conquest And Annexation of The Punjab State
84.             The story of the Guides
85.             The story of the Malakand field force an episode of frontier war
86.             The war in India. Despatches of Generals Hardinge, Gough and Smith
87.             Thirty years in India 1808-38 vol.1
88.             Thirty years in India 1808-38 vol.2
89.             Thirty-five years in the Punjab, 1858-1893
90.             To Caubul with the cavalry brigade
91.             Twelve years of a soldier's life in India being extracts from the letters of the late Major W. S. R. Hodson
92.             Twelve Years of a Soldier's Life, from the Letters of Major W.T. Johnson
93.             Twenty years on the North-West Frontier
94.             Two years in Ava. From May 1824, to May 1826
95.             Under ten viceroys; the reminiscences of a Gurkha
96.             Viscount Hardinge and the advance of the British dominions into the Punjab
97.             Volunteering in India - a narrative of the military services of the Bengal Yeomanry Cavalry during the Indian Mutiny, and Sepoy War
98.             War and sport in India, 1802-1806 an officer's diary
99.             Wellington's campaigns in India
100.         With H.M. 9th Lancers During the Indian Mutiny - The Letters of Brevet-major Anson
101.         With Kelly to Chitral
102.         With the Connaught rangers in quarters, camp, and on leave
103.         With the Kurram field force, 1878-79
104.         With the Zhob field force, 1890