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Mexican - American war 1846-48

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A collection of 120 titles on the Mexican-American war of 1846-48

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The books are;

1.       A campaign in New Mexico with Colonel Doniphan

2.       A complete history of the Mexican war

3.       A concise history of the Mormon battalion in the Mexican War, 1846-1847

4.       A Hoosier in the Mexican war

5.       A narrative of Major General Wool's campaign in Mexico, in the years 1846-48

6.       A new history of Texas

7.       A private's own journal

8.       A review of the causes and consequences of the Mexican War

9.       A series of intercepted Mexican letters captured by the American guard, at Tacubaya

10.   Adventures in Mexico; experienced during a captivity of seven months

11.   An artillery officer in the Mexican War, 1846-7 - letters of Robert Anderson, captain 3rd Artillery, U.S.A.

12.   Anecdotes and incidents - comprising daring exploits

13.   Autobiography of an English soldier in the United States army

14.   Battle of Buena Vista - by an Engineer Officer

15.   Battle of buena vista

16.   Battles of Mexico - an authentic account of all the battles fought in that republic from the commencement of the war until the capture of the city of Mexico. With a list of the killed and wounded

17.   Buena Vista

18.   Camp life of a volunteer. A campaign in Mexico, or A glimpse at life in camp

19.   Campaign sketches of the war with Mexico

20.   Campaigns of the Rio Grande and of Mexico

21.   Chile con carne, or, The camp and the field

22.   collection of official reports of Brig-Gen. G. Cadwalader's services during the campaign of 1847

23.   Commodore Conner. (Note on Maclay's History of the United States navy) Mexican war

24.   Company A, Corps of Engineers in the Mexican War

25.   Company A, corps of engineers, U.S.A., 1846-'48, in the Mexican war

26.   Correspondence of John Sedgwick, Major-General vol.1

27.   Desperate Stand The Battle of Buena Vista

28.   Extracts from private journal-letters of Captain S. F. Du Pont while in command of the Cyane during the war with Mexico, 1846-48

29.   Gateway South The Campaign for Monterrey, U.S. Army Campaigns of the Mexican War

30.   Gen. Scott's guide in Mexico. A biographical sketch of Col. Noah E. Smith

31.   General Lane's brigade in central Mexico

32.   General Scott and his staff

33.   General Taylor and his staff

34.   General Taylor's letters

35.   Guns Along the Rio Grande Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma

36.   History by illustration. General Zachary Taylor and the Mexican War

37.   History of the Mexican war

38.   History of the war between the United States and Mexico - from the commencement of hostilities to the ratification of the treaty of peace

39.   Incident in the war of the United States with Mexico, illustrating the services of Wm. Maxwell Wood, surgeon, U.S.N. in effecting the acquisition of California

40.   Indiana in the Mexican War

41.   Journal in Mexico dating from November 1, l847 to May 25, 1848

42.   Journal of Francis Collins - an artillery officer in the Mexican War

43.   Journal of Lt John McHenry Hollingsworth of the First New York volunteers (Stevenson's regiment) Sept 1846-Aug 1849

44.   Journal of William H. Richardson, a private soldier in the campaign of New and old Mexico

45.   Life and adventures of Col. L.A. Norton

46.   Life and services of Gen. Ben McCulloch

47.   Life of Major-General Zachary Taylor with an account of his brilliant achievements on the Rio Grande, and elsewhere ; including his defence of Fort Harrison, and Battle of Okee-Ch-Bee

48.   Marines In The Mexican War

49.   Media and military relations during the Mexican War

50.   Memoirs of a Maryland volunteer. War with Mexico, in the years 1846-8

51.   Memoirs of Lieut.-General Scott vol.2

52.   Mexican - American War

53.   Mexican treacheries and cruelties. Incidents and sufferings in the Mexican war

54.   Mexican War and its place in the evolution of operational art

55.   Mexican war letters of Col. W B Campbell of Tennessee, to Governor D Campbell, Virginia, 1846-1847

56.   Mexican War veterans a complete roster of the regular and volunteer troops in the war between the United States and Mexico

57.   Military forces employed in the Mexican war

58.   Military government under General Winfield Scott

59.   Mixed blessing; the role of the Texas Rangers in the Mexican War

60.   Narrative of the central division, or army of Chihuahua, commanded by Brigadier General Wool

61.   Occupation of Mexican territory

62.   Official dispatches and letters of Rear Admiral Du Pont, US Navy. 1846-48

63.   Official list of officers who marched with the army under the command of Major General Winfield Scott

64.   Operational art and campaign planning case study; Mexican-American War

65.   Operational art in the campaign of Stephen Watts Kearny to conquer New Mexico and California, 1846-7

66.   Operations of and challenges to the Army Medical Department during the US-Mexican War

67.   Our army at Monterey

68.   Our army on the Rio Grande

69.   Our first war in Mexico

70.   Pencillings of scenes upon the Rio Grande

71.   Personal memoirs of U.S. Grant vol.1

72.   Pictorial history of Mexico and the Mexican war

73.   Recollections of Mexico and the battle of Buena Vista Feb. 22 and 23, 1847

74.   Regulars and volunteers engaged in the Mexican war

75.   Reminiscences of a Campaign in Mexico

76.   Report of the Secretary of the Navy, communicating copies of Commodore Stockton's despatches, relating to the military and naval operations in California

77.   Report of the secretary of war, military reports as have been received from the commanders of our army in Mexico

78.   Scott's campaign in Mexico - from the rendezvous on the island of Lobos to the taking of the city - including an account of the siege of Puebla

79.   Service afloat and ashore during the Mexican war

80.   Sketches of the campaign in northern Mexico 1847

81.   Some of the causes of the Mexican War

82.   Sources for a history of the Mexican War, 1846-1848

83.   Taylor and his generals.

84.   Texas and the Mexican war; a chronicle of the winning of the Southwest

85.   The American gift book; or, Military souvenir

86.   The armistice at Mexico

87.   The campaign of General Scott, in the valley of Mexico

88.   The conquest of California and New Mexico, by the forces of the United States, in the years 1846 & 1847

89.   The conquest of New Mexico and California an historical and personal narrative

90.   The conquest of the Southwest

91.   The diary of James K. Polk during his Presidency, 1845 to 1849 vol.1

92.   The diary of James K. Polk during his Presidency, 1845 to 1849 vol.2

93.   The diary of James K. Polk during his Presidency, 1845 to 1849 vol.3

94.   The first regiment of New York volunteers commanded by Col. Jonathan D. Stevenson, in the Mexican war

95.   The high private, with a full and exciting history of the New York volunteers

96.   The history of the military occupation of the territory of New Mexico from 1846 to 1851

97.   The history of the raising of the first American flag on the capitol of Mexico

98.   The Home squadron under Commodore Conner in the war with Mexico

99.   The Journals Of Marine Second Lieutenant Henry Bulls Watson 1845-48

100.                       The justice of the Mexican war

101.                       The life and letters of George Gordon Meade, major-general United States Army vol.1

102.                       The Marine corps in Mexico

103.                       The Mexican War - a history of its origin, and a detailed account of the victories which terminated in the surrender of the capital; with the official dispatches of the generals

104.                       The Mexican war and its warriors; comprising a complete history of all the operations of the American armies in Mexico

105.                       The Mexican War diary of George B. McClellan

106.                       The military heroes of the war with Mexico with a narrative of the war

107.                       The military policy of the United States during the Mexican war

108.                       The navy's part in the acquisition of California, 1846-1848

109.                       THE OCCUPATION OF MEXICO, MAY 1846-JULY 1848

110.                       The president of the Mexican Republic to the troops engaged in the army of the United States of America

111.                       The rough and ready annual ; or, Military souvenir

112.                       The scouting expeditions of McCulloch's Texas rangers - Mexico 1846

113.                       The story of the conquest of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the building of old Fort Marcy, 1846

114.                       The twelve months volunteer; or, Journal of a private in the Tennessee regiment of cavalry, in the campaign in Mexico, 1846-7

115.                       The war with Mexico reviewed

116.                       The war with Mexico vol.1

117.                       The war with Mexico vol.2

118.                       To Mexico with Scott; letters of Captain E. Kirby Smith to his wife

119.                       Was President Polk's decision to employ a battalion of Mormons a military or political            decision?

120.                       Year of decision 1846