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Napoleonic Naval Warfare vol.3

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A collection of 97 titles on Napoleonic Naval Warfare, mostly from the British viewpoint

The books are all in PDF format and come on a professionally printed DVD.
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The books are;

  1. The Royal Navy - 1803 to 1815

  2. The sailors whom Nelson led - their doings described by themselves

  3. The Surrender of Napoleon - Capt.Senhouse RN

  4. The three Dorset captains at Trafalgar

  5. The Trial of Lord Cochrane in 1814

  6. The United States naval chronicle

  7. The Young Midshipmans Instructor

  8. Torpedo war and submarine explosions by Robert Fulton

  9. War in Disguise, Or,The Frauds of the Neutral Flags - 1805

  10. The Naval chronicle vol.01

  11. The Naval chronicle vol.02

  12. The Naval chronicle vol.03

  13. The Naval chronicle vol.04

  14. The Naval chronicle vol.05

  15. The Naval chronicle vol.06

  16. The Naval chronicle vol.07

  17. The Naval chronicle vol.08

  18. The Naval chronicle vol.09

  19. The Naval chronicle vol.10

  20. The Naval chronicle vol.11

  21. The Naval chronicle vol.12

  22. The Naval chronicle vol.13

  23. The Naval chronicle vol.14

  24. The Naval chronicle vol.15

  25. The Naval chronicle vol.16

  26. The Naval chronicle vol.17

  27. The Naval chronicle vol.18

  28. The Naval chronicle vol.19

  29. The Naval chronicle vol.20

  30. The Naval chronicle vol.21

  31. The Naval chronicle vol.22

  32. The Naval chronicle vol.23

  33. The Naval chronicle vol.24

  34. The Naval chronicle vol.25

  35. The Naval chronicle vol.26

  36. The Naval chronicle vol.27

  37. The Naval chronicle vol.30

  38. The Naval chronicle vol.31

  39. The Naval chronicle vol.32

  40. The Naval chronicle vol.33

  41. The Naval chronicle vol.34

  42. The Naval chronicle vol.35

  43. The Naval chronicle vol.36

  44. The Naval chronicle vol.37

  45. The Naval chronicle vol.38

  46. Naval chronicle maps US War of 1812 - Naval

  47. 1812 Journal of A.A.Evans USN - Surgeon on the Frigate Constitution

  48. A biographical memoir of the late Commodore J Barney

  49. A court of inquiry, on US frigate the President, New York, 13th Aug, 1811

  50. A History of American Privateers

  51. Admiral of the fleet, Sir Provo W. P. Wallis

  52. American vessels captured by the British in the revolution and war of 1812

  53. Battle of Lake Erie, with Commodore Elliot's conduct in that engagement

  54. battle of lake erie

  55. Blue jackets of 1812 a history of the naval battles

  56. Captain Otway Burns, patriot, privateer and legislator

  57. Capture of the British Brigs Detroit and Caledonia

  58. Capture of the British sloop of War, Reindeer, by the US sloop Wasp

  59. Commodore John Rodgers - A biography

  60. Cruise of the US brig Argus in 1813

  61. from the diary of an English lad

  62. History of the Battle of Lake Erie

  63. History of the Navy of the United States of America vol.1

  64. History of the Navy of the United States of America vol.2

  65. in the wake of the Eighteen-Twelvers

  66. Incidents in the life of John Edsall

  67. Life of Commodore Thomas Macdonough US Navy

  68. Names, Rank, Pay, Rations, of Officers of the Navy and Marine Corps (1812)

  69. Naval Actions of the War of 1812

  70. Naval history War of 1812

  71. Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie

  72. Perry at Put in Bay, Echoes of the War in 1812

  73. Sea power in relation to the war of 1812 Vol.1

  74. Sea power in relation to the war of 1812 Vol.2

  75. Second war with England sundry papers

  76. The American privateers, and letters-of-marque, 1812-14

  77. The battle of Lake Erie

  78. The building of Perry's fleet on Lake Erie, 1812-1813

  79. The Diary of Benjamin F. Palmer Privateersman

  80. The Fight for a Free Sea, 1812

  81. The glorious Shannon's old blue duster

  82. The history of the wonderful battle of the brig-of-war General Armstrong with a British squadron, at Fayal, 1814

  83. The life and character of Stephen Decatur USN

  84. The life and services of Commodore William Bainbridge USN

  85. The most successful American privateer, an episode of the War of 1812

  86. The Naval Monument

  87. The Naval Temple. (Operations of the US Navy)

  88. The Naval War of 1812 A Documentary History vol.1

  89. The Naval War of 1812 A Documentary History vol.2

  90. The Naval War of 1812 A Documentary History vol.3

  91. The Naval war of 1812 by Theodore Roosevelt

  92. The Navies on Lake Ontario in the War of 1812

  93. The seizure of the British ship Lord Nelson, by a US ship, 5th June, 1812

  94. The Travels and Adventures of David Bunnell - US sailor

  95. The USS Chesapeake and Lt Ludlow 1813

  96. The visits of American and British vessels to the Genesee River, 1809-14

  97. The War of 1812 - A Part of its Naval History