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Spanish - American War 1989 - volume 2

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A collection of 113 titles on various aspects of the Spanish - American War of 1898 which was fought in the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico.

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The books are;

  1. Roughing it with the regulars

  2. Savage wars of peace - case studies of pacification in the Philippines, 1900-1902

  3. Schley and Santiago, an historical account of the blockade and final destruction of the Spanish fleet

  4. Serving the Republic; memoirs of the civil and military life of Lt.Gen. Nelson A. Miles

  5. Seventh California, U.S.V., Camp Merritt, 1898

  6. Sketches from the Spanish-American War in the Philippine Islands

  7. Sketches from the Spanish-American War

  8. Some remarks on typhoid fever among our soldiers during the late war with Spain

  9. Southern martyrs. A history of Alabama's white regiments during the Spanish-American war

  10. Souvenir of the 8th Army Corps Philippine expedition

  11. Spanish American War, 1898, government documents

  12. Spanish-American war and battles in the Philippines

  13. Spanish-American war, Camp Meade Pennsylvania. 1898

  14. Springfield in the Spanish American war

  15. Story of the 15th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

  16. Taking Manila

  17. Ten months a captive among Filipinos

  18. The '98 campaign of the 6th Massachusetts, USV

  19. The American occupation of the Philippines, 1898-1912

  20. The American victories in the Philippine Islands

  21. The Americans in the Philippines vol.1

  22. The Americans in the Philippines vol.2

  23. The American-Spanish War - A History by the War Leaders

  24. The American-Spanish war - a history

  25. The battle of Bayan and other battles being a history of the Moro Campaign from April 17, to Dec. 30, 1902

  26. The Battle of Santiago on board the U.S. battleship Texas

  27. The black troopers; or, The daring heroism of the negro soldiers in the Spanish-American war

  28. The boys of '98

  29. The campaign of Santiago de Cuba vol.1

  30. The campaign of Santiago de Cuba vol.2

  31. The campaign of Santiago de Cuba vol.3

  32. The camp-life of the Third Regiment

  33. The Chicago record's war stories

  34. The Colorado volunteers

  35. The conflict with Spain; a history of the war based upon official reports and descriptions of eye-witnesses

  36. The conquest of the Philippines by the United States, 1898-1925

  37. The cruise of the U.S.S. Dixie; or, On board with the Maryland boys in the Spanish-American war

  38. The cruise of the USS Eagle during the Spanish-American War

  39. The Cuban and Porto Rican campaigns

  40. The destruction of Cervera's fleet, Sunday, July 3, 1898

  41. The downfall of Spain naval history of the Spanish-American war

  42. The Eighth Illinois

  43. The fall of Santiago

  44. The fighting Twentieth. History and official souvenir of the 20th Kansas Regiment

  45. The First Regiment Massachusetts heavy artillery United States volunteers, in the Spanish-American war of 1898

  46. The First Tennessee Regiment, United States Volunteers

  47. The Fourteenth Ohio national guard--the Fourth Ohio volunteer infantry

  48. The fun and fighting of the Rough riders vol.1

  49. The fun and fighting of the Rough riders vol.2

  50. The golden horseshoe; extracts from the letters of Captain H. L. Herndon of the 21st U.S. infantry, on duty in the Philippine Islands

  51. The handy war book containing authentic information and statistics on subjects relating to the war

  52. The history and conquest of the Philippines and our other island possessions

  53. The history of Battery A (formerly known as the Keystone Battery)

  54. The history of the Utah volunteers in the Spanish-American war and in the Philippine Islands

  55. The history of Troop A, New York Cavalry U. S. V., from May 2 to November 28, 1898

  56. The life and letters of Admiral Dewey

  57. The little I saw of Cuba

  58. The log of the Oregon; a sailor's story of the voyage from San Francisco to Santiago in 1898

  59. The Maine, an account of her destruction in Havana Harbor

  60. The Manila expedition

  61. The naval battle of Santiago

  62. The new American Navy vol.1

  63. The new American Navy vol.2

  64. The n'th foot in war

  65. The official records of the Oregon volunteers in the Spanish War and Philippine Insurrection

  66. The official roster of Ohio soldiers in the war with Spain, 1898-1899

  67. The passing of Spain and the ascendency of America

  68. The Philippines and round about

  69. The relations of the United States and Spain. The Spanish-American war vol.1

  70. The relations of the United States and Spain. The Spanish-American war vol.2

  71. The rough and ready annual ; or, Military souvenir

  72. The Rough Riders

  73. The Santiago campaign of Maj-Gen. J Wheeler

  74. The Santiago campaign

  75. The sinking of the Merrimac; a personal narrative of the adventure in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba, June 3, 1898

  76. The soldiers sketch book

  77. The Spanish-American War - the events of the war

  78. The Spanish-American War volunteer; Ninth United States volunteer infantry roster

  79. The Spanish-American war

  80. The story of our war with Spain

  81. The story of the Forty-ninth Iowa, U. S. vol. Inf.

  82. The story of the Rough Riders, 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry

  83. The story of the USS Yosemite in 1898

  84. The story of two wars - an illustrated history of our war with Spain and our war with the Filipinos

  85. The surrender of Santiago; an account of the historic surrender of Santiago to General Shafter, July 17, 1898

  86. The triumph of Yankee Doodle

  87. The United States Army and Navy including Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Hawaii


  89. The United States revenue cutter service in the war with Spain, 1898

  90. The Utah batteries - a history

  91. The war revenue law of 1898 explained

  92. The war with Spain – Lodge

  93. The war with Spain; a complete history of the war of 1898 between the United States and Spain

  94. Twelve months with the 8th Massachusetts infantry in the service of the United States

  95. Two Rough riders; letters from F. Allen McCurdy and J. Kirk McCurdy

  96. Under the old flag - recollections of the Spanish War - Gen.Wilson US Army

  97. Under three flags in Cuba; a personal account of the Cuban insurrection and Spanish-American war

  98. United States Army in the Philippine insurrection 1899-1902

  99. United States in War with Spain and the History of Cuba

  100. Views of Admiral Cervera regarding the Spanish Navy in the late war; November 1898

  101. War correspondence (Hispano-American war) letters

  102. War in the Philippines - and Life and glorious deeds of Admiral Dewey

  103. War map and history of Cuba, including the opening of the American-Spanish war

  104. War notes

  105. War time in Manila

  106. War with Spain including battles on sea and land

  107. Welcome my heroes – Utah

  108. With Dewey at Manila

  109. With Sampson through the war

  110. With the 13th Minnesota in the Philippines

  111. Women's national war relief association

  112. Worcester in the Spanish War; being the stories of companies A, C, and H, 2d regiment, and company G, 9th regiment, M.V.M., during the war for the liberation of Cuba, May-November, 1898

  113. Wright's official history of the Spanish-American War