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Vietnam War vol.2

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The titles are;

  1. Close Air Support and the Battle for Khe Sanh

  2. Close Air Support Operations, 1961-1973

  3. Combat at Close Quarters - Warfare on the Rivers and Canals of Vietnam

  4. Combat Operations Taking the Offensive, October 1966 to October 1967

  5. Combat operations after action report (Operation Hue City).

  6. Command and control, 1950-1969 in Vietnam

  7. Command Report on the War in Vietnam (to Mid-1968)

  8. Communist aggression against the Republic of Viet-nam. (1964)

  9. Convoy ambush case studies

  10. Description of the Ho Chi Minh Trail

  11. Development and Employment of Fixed Wing Gunships, 1962-1971

  12. Development and Employment of Fixed Wing Gunships, 1962-1972

  13. Development and Training of the South Vietnamese Army, 1950-1972

  14. Division-Level Communications, 1962-1973


  16. Easter Offensive of 1972

  17. Electronic Countermeasures in the Air War Against North Vietnam, 1965-1973

  18. End of US Involvement, 1973-1975

  19. Enemy Jungle Tactics for Platoon Leaders, Handbook, Vietnam

  20. Enemy Order of Battle Summary, Vietnam, Feb 1972

  21. Enemy Order of Battle Summary, Vietnam, Mar 1972

  22. Engineers At War

  23. Evidence at Vung Ro Bay.

  24. Eyes behind the lines US Army long-range reconnaissance and surveillance units

  25. FAC Operations in SEA, 1961-1965

  26. FAC Operations, 1965-1970

  27. Field Artillery, 1954-1973

  28. Financial Management of the Vietnam Conflict, 1962-1972

  29. FM 21-50 Ranger Training And Ranger Operations ( 1962)

  30. FM 31-16 Counterguerrilla Operations – Vietnam


  32. General offensives of 1968-69

  33. Handbook for U.S. forces in Vietnam

  34. History of the Indochina Incident 1940-1954

  35. Hole huntin' techniques to detect, neutralize, and destroy enemy tunnels

  36. Ia Drang Valley Campaign, Oct-Nov 1965.

  37. Images Of A Lengthy War

  38. Inducements and Deterrents to Defection. An Analysis of the Motives of 125 Defectors

  39. Insurgent Organization and Operations. A Case Study of the Viet Cong in the Delta, 1964-1966

  40. Interdiction in Southern Laos, 1960-1968

  41. Interservice rivalry and airpower in the Vietnam War

  42. Invasion of Laos, Feb-March-1971

  43. Iron triangle, Sep- Nov 1966, operation Attleboro

  44. Keystone Bluejay - redeployment of the 1st Inf. Div. after action report

  45. Khmer Republic at war and the final collapse

  46. Know Your Enemy the Viet Cong, Pamphlet, Mar 1966

  47. Knowing the enemy - naval intelligence in Southeast Asia

  48. Lam Son 719.

  49. Laos Campaign of 1971.

  50. Leadership Lessons And Remembrances From Vietnam

  51. Leadership.

  52. Lessons Learned Bulletins 1962-70

  53. Logistic Support

  54. Logistics and Base Construction in SEA, 1967

  55. MACV - The Joint Command In The Years Of Escalation, 1962-1967

  56. MACV - The Joint Command in the Years of Withdrawal, 1968-1973

  57. Manpower in Limited War, 1964-1967

  58. Marine Advisors With the Vietnamese Marine Corps

  59. Marine Advisors with the Vietnamese Provincial Reconnaissance Units, 1966-70

  60. Marines and Helicopters 1962-73

  61. Marines and Military Law in Vietnam. Trial by Fire

  62. MATA handbook for Vietnam

  63. Mechanized and Armor Combat Operations in Vietnam,1967

  64. Medical Support of the U.S. Army in Vietnam, 1965-70

  65. Mobility, support, endurance a story of naval operational logistics in the Vietnam War, 1965-68

  66. Mounted Combat in Vietnam

  67. Movement of a Corps size force to South Vietnam

  68. Naval Operation; Game Warden

  69. Navy Medicine in Vietnam - Passage to Freedom to the Fall of Saigon

  70. Night Operations, 1961-1970

  71. Nixon's Trident - Naval Power in Southeast Asia, 1968–72

  72. North Vietnam's Military Logistics System. Its Contribution to the War, 1961-69

  73. Operation Millpond. U.S. Marines in Thailand, 1961

  74. Operational Report - 101st Airborne Division July 1969

  75. Phung Hoang advisor handbook

  76. Plans and Operations in SEA, 1965

  77. Professional Knowledge Gained from Operational Experience in Vietnam, 1965-66 (US Marines)

  78. Professional Knowledge Gained from Operational Experience in Vietnam, 1968 (US Marines)

  79. Protecting, Isolating, and Controlling Behavior – Vietnam

  80. R&D for SEA 1968

  81. R&D for SEA, 1965-1967

  82. Rallying Potential among the North Vietnamese Armed Forces

  83. Reflections on the Vietnam War.

  84. Regroupment, Withdrawals and Transfers - Vietnam (1954-1955) Part 1

  85. report on the war in vietnam - June 1968

  86. Republic of Vietnam Logistical System, Staff Study, Oct 1964

  87. Revolutionary Development Hamlet Evaluation Report

  88. RF and PF handbook for advisors.

  89. RF-101 Voodoo, 1961-1970

  90. Riverine Operations, 1966-1969

  91. Role of Air Power Grows, 1970

  92. Royal Lao Army and U.S. Army advice and support

  93. Search techniques training

  94. Sharpening the Combat Edge. The Use of Analysis to Reinforce Military Judgment

  95. Shield for Vietnamization and Withdrawal, 1971

  96. Small Unit Action In Vietnam, Summer 1966

  97. Some Effects of Military Operations on Viet Cong Attitudes

  98. Some Impressions of the Effects of Military Operations on Viet Cong Behavior

  99. Special Forces and CIDG Program, Vietnam, 1961-1970, Report 1971

  100. Special technique against guerrilla warfare (Volume I).

  101. Staff study - improvement of US logistic systems in RVN

  102. Stemming the Tide, May 1965 to October 1966

  103. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.01 The Enemy

  104. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.02 South Vietnam

  105. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.03 US Foreign Policy and Vietnam 1945-1975

  106. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.04 US Domestic Factors Influencing Vietnam War Policy Making

  107. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.05 Planning the War

  108. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.06 Conduct of the War. Book I. Operational Analyses

  109. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.06 Conduct of the War. Book 2. Functional Analyses

  110. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.07 The Soldier

  111. Strategic Lessons Learned in Vietnam. Vol.08 Results of the War

  112. Summary of the evacuation of Saigon, South Vietnam under Operation Frequent Wind

  113. Tactical and Materiel Innovations

  114. TC 5 31 Viet Cong Boobytraps (1967)

  115. Territorial forces

  116. Territorial security in Vietnam

  117. Tet offensive, 1968

  118. Tet offensive, the turning point of the Vietnam War.

  119. The 1968 Tet Offensive Battles of Quang Tri City and Hue

  120. The Air Force in Vietnam - Search for Military Alternatives, 1967

  121. The Battle Behind Bars - Navy and Marine POWs in the Vietnam War

  122. The Battle for Khe Sanh

  123. The Biggest Stick - The Employment of Artillery Units in Counterinsurgency – Vietnam

  124. The Final Collapse

  125. The First Fight. U.S. Marines in Operation Starlite, August 1965

  126. The Flaming Dart Air Strikes Against North Vietnam, 7-11 Feb. 65


  128. The Marines in Vietnam, 1954-73. An Anthology and Annotated Bibliography

  129. The Military And The Media, 1962-1968

  130. The Military And The Media 1968-1973

  131. The most secret war - Army signals intelligence in Vietnam

  132. The NVA in Laos 1951-1973

  133. The Path to War. U.S. Marine Corps Operations in Southeast Asia 1961-65

  134. The Role of Military Intelligence, 1965-1967

  135. The War Against Trucks - Aerial Interdiction in Southern Laos, 1968-1972

  136. The War in the Delta. Views from Three Viet Cong Battalions

  137. The War in the Northern Provinces,1966-1968

  138. Thiet Gap! The Battle of An Loc

  139. Toward the third dimension in combined arms - the evolution of armed helicopters into air maneuver units in Vietnam, 1965-1973

  140. U.S. Adviser.

  141. U.S. Army Engineers, 1965-1970

  142. U.S. Army Special Forces, 1961-1971

  143. U.S. Intelligence and Vietnam

  144. U.S. Marine Corps civic action effort in Vietnam, March 1965 - March 1966

  145. U.S. Marines in Vietnam fighting the North Vietnamese 1967

  146. U.S. Marines In Vietnam The Bitter End, 1973-75

  147. U.S. Marines In Vietnam High Mobility And Standdown, 1969

  148. U.S. Marines In Vietnam The Advisory And Combat Assistance Era, 1954-64

  149. U.S. Marines In Vietnam The Defining Year, 1968

  150. U.S. Marines In Vietnam The Landing And The Buildup, 1965

  151. U.S. Marines In Vietnam The War That Would Not End, 1971-73

  152. U.S. Marines In Vietnam Vietnamization And Redeployment, 1970-71

  153. Under-armed, overtorqued, unafraid - a study of the aeroscout employment evolution in Vietnam

  154. Unit leader's personal response handbook (1967)

  155. US Army Special Forces and similar internal defense advisory operations in mainland Southeast Asia, 1962-1967

  156. US Marines in Vietnam - an expanding war 1966

  157. USAF An Illustrated Account, 1961-1973

  158. USAF Plans and Policies in South Vietnam, 1961-1963

  159. USN and the Vietnam Conflict. From military assistance to combat, 1959-1965 (Vol.2)

  160. Viet Cong Cadres and the Cadre System

  161. Viet Cong Logistics

  162. Viet Cong tactical doctrine

  163. Vietnam - Deepening Involvement 1945-1965

  164. Vietnam - The Airmobile Division

  165. Vietnam From Cease-Fire to Capitulation

  166. Vietnam studies - Command and Control, 1950-1969

  167. Vietnam, History of the Bulwark Tran

  168. Vietnamese village 1970 handbook for advisors.

  169. Village security planning guide for district and Mobile Advisory Teams.

  170. War Against Trucks Aerial Interdiction in Southern Laos, 1968-1972

  171. What a platoon leader should know about the enemy's jungle tactics

  172. When Should a Commander be Relieved. A Study of Combat Reliefs of Commanders of Battalions and Lower Units during the Vietnam Era

  173. Why the North Vietnamese will keep fighting