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Warfare in the 1800's

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A collection of 170 titles on the lesser known wars of the 1800's throughout the Globe, both on land and sea.
The topics range from the 1st Sino-Japanese war through the Russo-Turkish war of 1878 to the French in Mexico and the Spanish in Morocco.

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The books are;

American Indians

  1. A soldier's reminiscences in peace and war

2. An Apache campaign in the Sierra Madre. An account of the expedition in pursuit of the hostile Chiricahua Apaches in the spring of 1883

  1. Army life on the Pacific; a journal of the expedition against the northern Indians, the tribes of the Cur d'Alenes, Spokans, and Pelouzes, in the summer of 1858

  2. Autobiography of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak or Black Hawk

  3. Border wars of Texas

  4. Chronological list of engagements between the regular army of the United States and various tribes of hostile Indians 1790-1898

  5. Discovery of the Yosemite, and the Indian war of 1851, which led to that event

  6. Following the guidon

  7. History of Indian depredations in Utah

  8. Indian fights and fighters - the soldier and the Sioux

  9. Modoc Jack or, The lion of the lava beds

  10. My life and experiences among our hostile Indians

  11. Northwestern fights and fighters

  12. Pacific Northwest Indian Wars

  13. Recent Indian wars, under the lead of Sitting Bull, and other chiefs; with a full account of the Messiah craze, and ghost dances

  14. Record of engagements with hostile Indians within the Military division of the Missouri, 1868-82, Lieutenant Gen, Sheridan, commanding

  15. Red Eagle and the wars with the Creek Indians of Alabama

  16. Report of Colonel Alvan C. Gillem, 1st Cavalry. Modoc war, 1873

  17. The Black Hawk war including a review of Black Hawk's life

  18. The early Indian wars of Oregon

  19. The great Indian chief of the West, or, life and adventures of Black Hawk

  20. The Indian history of the Modoc war, and the causes that led to it

  21. Wakefield's History of the Black Hawk war

24-30 Battles of the 19th Century volumes 1 to 7


    1. A Cuban expedition

    2. Marching with Gomez; a war correspondent's field note-book, kept during four months with the Cuban army

French in Mexico

  1. Invasion of Mexico by the French. And the Reign of Maximilian I

  2. Life of Maximilian I., late emperor of Mexico, with a sketch of the Empress Carlota

  3. Maximilian in Mexico; a woman's reminiscences of the French intervention, 1862-1867

  4. Maximilian in Mexico; the story of the French intervention (1861-1867)

  5. Mexico under Maximilian

  6. My Diary in Mexico in 1867 Including the Last Days of the Emperor Maximilian vol.1

  7. My Diary in Mexico in 1867 Including the Last Days of the Emperor Maximilian vol.2

  8. Reasons for the withdrawal of the French from Mexico

  9. The establishment of Maximilian's empire in Mexico

  10. The fall of Maximilian, late emperor of Mexico

  11. The rise and fall of the Emperor Maximilian; a narrative of the Mexican Empire, 1861-7

  12. With Maximilian in Mexico


    1. Going to war in Greece

    2. Letters and Journals of Samuel Gridley Howe - The Greek Revolution

    3. Scenes in the thirty days war between Greece & Turkey, 1897

    4. Sketches of the war in Greece

    5. With the Greeks in Thessaly

Iberian Peninsula

      1. Journal of the movements of the British legion

      2. Sketches in Portugal, During the Civil War of 1834

      3. The English in Spain Or, The Story of the War of Succession Between 1834 and 1840

      4. The most striking events of a twelvemonth's campaign vol.1

      5. The most striking events of a twelvemonth's campaign vol.2

      6. The Wars of Succession of Portugal and Spain, from 1826 to 1840 Vol.1


        1. France and Italy

        2. Garibaldi and the thousand

        3. Garibaldi's defence of the Roman Republic

        4. Italy and the War of 1859

        5. On board the Emma, adventures with Garibaldis Thousand in Sicily

        6. The Campaign of 1859

        7. The campaign of Garibaldi in the Two Sicilies

        8. The campaign of Magenta and Solferino, 1859

        9. The life of General Garibaldi with sketches of his companions in arms

        10. The origin of the Red cross - Un souvenir de Solferino

        11. The war in Italy (1859)

        12. The war in Italy, and all about it

Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78

          1. A history of the empire and people of Turkey and the war in the east

          2. A prisoner of war in Russia; my experiences amongst the refugees with the Red Crescent

          3. Cassell's illustrated history of the Russo-Turkish war vol.1

          4. Czar and sultan

          5. Experiences of a Prussian officer in the Russian service during the Turkish war of 1877-78

          6. Historical narrative of the Turko-Russian war vol.1 - Servian and Montenegrin campaigns of 1876

          7. Historical narrative of the Turko-Russian war vol.2 - Servian and Montenegrin campaigns of 1876

          8. Operations of General Gurko's advance guard in 1877

          9. Personal reminiscences of General Skobeleff

          10. Report and record of the operations of the Stafford house committee for the relief of sick and wounded Turkish soldiers. Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78

          11. Report on the Russian Army and Its Campaigns in Turkey in 1877-1878

          12. Russia's advance eastward

          13. Service in Servia under the Red cross

          14. Sketches of army life in Russia

          15. St. Petersburg to Plevna containing interviews with leading Russian statesmen and generals

          16. Tactical studies on the battles around Plevna

          17. The Armenian campaign. a diary of the campaign of 1877, in Armenia and Koordistan

          18. The campaign in Bulgaria, 1877-1878

          19. The Conquest of Turkey, Or, The Decline and Fall of the Ottoman Empire, 1877-8

          20. The defence of Plevna, 1877 written by one who took part in it

          21. The liberation of Bulgaria war notes in 1877

          22. The narrative of an expelled correspondent

          23. The Russo-Turkish war vol.1

          24. The Russo-Turkish war vol.4

          25. The Russo-Turkish war vol.5

          26. The Russo-Turkish war, 1877 a strategical sketch

          27. The Russo-Turkish war, comprising an account of the Servian insurrection, the dreadful massacre of Christians in Bulgaria, and other Turkish atrocities

          28. The war correspondence of the Daily news, 1877

          29. The war in the East. An illustrated history of the conflict between Russia and Turkey with a review of the Eastern question

          30. Turkish Life in War Time

          31. Under the red crescent, adventures of an English surgeon with the Turkish army at Plevna and Erzeroum, 1877-1878

          32. War in Bulgaria A Narrative of Personal Experiences Vol.1

          33. War in Bulgaria A Narrative of Personal Experiences Vol.2

          34. William Good Guppy His Life and Death at Erzeroum

          35. With the Russians in peace and war; recollections of a military attaché

Sino-Japanese war

103. A Concise history of the war between Japan and China

104. China's official history of the recent Sino-Japanese treaties (1915)

105. Expenditures of the Sino-Japanese war

106. Heroic Japan a history of the war between China & Japan

107. Japanese Landing Operations

108. The China-Japan war compiled from Japanese, Chinese and foreign sources

109. The fall of Wei-hai-wei

110. The Japan-China War on the regent's sword Kinchow, Port Arthur, and Talienwan

111. The Japan-China war- the naval battle of Haiyang

112. The Surgical history of the naval war between Japan China during 1894-95

113. The war in the East. Japan, China, and Corea. A complete history of the war

114. Under the dragon flag. My experiences in the Chino-Japanese war

South America

115. Chile and Peru, the causes of the war of 1879

116. Chili. sketches of Chili and the Chilians during the war 1879-1880

117. Difficulty between Chile, on the one hand, and Peru and Bolivia on the other

118. Filibusters and financiers; the story of William Walker and his associates

119. Francia's Reign of Terror. Being a Sequel to Letters on Paraguay vol.1

120. Francia's Reign of Terror. Being a Sequel to Letters on Paraguay vol.2

121. Gen. McMahon's opinions in regard to the Paraguayan war. A few remarks in answer to his assertions

122. La Plata, Brazil, and Paraguay, during the present war

123. Letters from the Battle-fields of Paraguay

124. Letters on Paraguay, comprising an account of a four years' residence in that republic, under the government of the dictator Francia

125. Life of Hiram Paulding, rear-admiral, U. S. N

126. Nicaragua ; War of the filibusters

127. Nights on the Rio Paraguay, scenes of war and character sketches

128. Paraguay and the alliance against the tyrant Francisco Solano Lopez

129. Paraguay and the War in La Plata

130. Patriots and filibusters, or, Incidents of political and exploratory travel

131. Reminiscences of the Filibuster War in Nicaragua – 1855-60

132. Revelations on the Paraguayan War

133. Seven eventful years in Paraguay; a narrative of personal experience amongst the Paraguayans

134. The history of Paraguay, with notes of personal observations, and reminiscences of diplomacy under difficulties vol.1

135. The history of Paraguay, with notes of personal observations, and reminiscences of diplomacy under difficulties vol.2

136. The Paraná. With Incidents of the Paraguayan War

137. The story of the filibusters

138. The war between Peru and Chile, 1879-1882

139. The War in Paraguay

140. The war on the Pacific coast of South America between Chile and the allied republics of Peru and Bolivia. 1879-'81

141. Walker's Expedition to Nicaragua; A History of the Central American War

142. Steam warfare in the Parana vol.1

143. Steam warfare in the Parana vol.2

144. Dark days in Chile; an account of the revolution of 1891


146. A complete history of the Hungarian War 1849

147. A soldier of fortune the life and adventures of General Henry-Ronald Mciver

148. Contemporary Wars, 1853-1866

149. Decisive battles since Waterloo; the most important military events from 1815 to 1887

150. Famous war correspondents

151. Four Modern Naval Campaigns Historical, Strategical and Tactical

152. History of the war in Hungary in 1848 and 1849

153. Ironclads in action vol.1

154. Ironclads in action vol.2

155. Journal of a blockaded resident in North Formosa during the Franco-Chinese War, 1884-5

156. Narrative of the Texan Sante Fé Expedition vol.1

157. Narrative of the Texan Sante Fé Expedition vol.2

158. On naval warfare with steam

159. Personal memoirs of Major Richardson

160. Polish experiences during the insurrection of 1863-4

161. Russia and Turkey in the nineteenth century

162. Scenes of the civil war in Hungary, in 1848 and 1849; with the personal adventures of an Austrian officer in the army of the Ban of Croatia

163. Spain and the War with Morocco

165. The autobiography of a veteran, 1807-1893

166. The Campaign of Adowa and the Rise of Menelik

167. The Eye-witnesses' Account of the Disastrous Russian Campaign Against the Akhal Tekke Turcomans

168. The French at Foochow

169. The memoirs of Francesco Crispi vol.1

170. The Spanish campaign in Morocco

171. The War in Hungary, 1848-1849

172. Wanderings of a war-artist